Did you receive a phone call?

Why did you call me?

The United Veterans Alliance of America PAC uses the telephone as a form of Federal candidate fundraising. The PAC’s goal is to advocate on behalf of homeless male and female Veterans that have done so much for our great country. The telephone allows us to reach a lot of people in a short period of time with little cost. Other traditional forms of spreading our message, like mass-media purchasing, can be costly and ineffective.

Can I be removed from your calling list?

Yes, we respect your decision to opt out of the UVAOA PAC. To submit a request form to the right to be removed from our calling lists.

How can I contribute to the PAC’s efforts?

You can contribute to the UVAOA PAC’s efforts of advocating on behalf of homeless Veterans by donating. Your donations allow the PAC to continue supporting legislation that creates solutions for our ever-growing homeless Veterans population.

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