We Fight to Ensure the Government is Supporting Our Veterans

homeless veteranIt is both a duty and privilege to support our veterans and we believe one of the most effective ways to do that is to assure issues affecting veterans are handled properly and to assure that effective legislation is in place. To accomplish this, it is important that we support the election of officials who will see this happen.


United Veterans Alliance of America (UVAOA) has made it our mission to make sure our government is doing what it can to provide assistance and more funding to help American Veterans by supporting the election of officials who will see this happen. In most cases, our veterans are leaving directly out of high school to sacrifice their minds and bodies to go defend our country’s freedoms. Many Veterans experience an immense amount of mental stress from serving our country and are in need of more support than you may think.

According to militaryspot.com; unemployment, homelessness, poor mental health, physical injuries, and lack of education are the top five challenges Veterans face when returning home. Most civilians in our country do not realize how difficult it can be for a Veteran trying to find gainful employment while continuing to battle with the issues listed above.

As a non-partisan independent expenditure-only Political Action Committee, United Veterans Alliance of America will identify and promote any lawmakers who will pledge to stand with, advocate for, and help our nation’s Veterans dealing with the mountain of issues they face when returning to civilian life.

Fight for a better future for our veterans and support H.R. 3272: Veteran Education Empowerment Act. This bill was written to direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to carry out a grant program to provide Veteran Student Centers at institutions of higher education to assist veterans in the pursuit of higher education. Learn more here…