Here is where you can get involved and help make meaningful change in the lives of thousands of veterans. Below you’ll find the current legislation that we are advocating as well as links to find out how to contact your representative and how to connect with us.

H.R.3272 – Veteran Education Empowerment Act

This bill was written to direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to carry out a grant program to provide Veteran Student Centers at institutions of higher education to assist veterans in the pursuit of higher education. Over one million veterans and active duty service members in the United States attend college every year and many veterans experience challenges transitioning from the battlefield to the classroom. These challenges often lead to veterans dropping out of school limiting potential job opportunities.Representative Lois Frankel

H.R.3272 will provide funding for Veteran Student Centers located at colleges and universities across the country to provide aid and resources for veterans pursuing higher education. In order for this legislation to become a law, it will have to be approved by the subcommittee, voted on by the House and Senate, and then signed by the President.

Fight for a better future for our veterans and contact your elected officials to support the Veteran Education Empowerment Act.


If so and you are not sure which congressional district you belong to or who your specific Congress member is, we want to help! Use the button below to go to Congress’ website. Simply enter you zip code to find out who your Congress member is and how to contact them.